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no longer |♥| behind a mask
♥| evolves them all |♥
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14th-Feb-2016 07:12 pm - Contact + HMD?
school blue
Mun Name; Berri
Journal;  sugarvoice 
Games played at; mayfield_rpg 
AIM; TaiyakinoNaku
Plurk; TaiyakinoNaku

All comments screened!
14th-Feb-2015 07:15 pm - ...{ mayfield ♥ regains }
school blue
{ Bold indicates it has been regained }
♥ Turtly the Blastoise
♥ Jiggy the Jigglypuff
♥ Blu the Snubull
Ditty the Ditto
♥ Clef the Clefable
♥ Nido the Nidorina
♥ Hey, you, Pikachu! bubble communicator
♥ Silph Scope
♥ Portable Laptop
♥ Spy Cameras
♥ Pokedex
♥ Black tube-dress
22nd-Nov-2011 10:41 pm - ...{ 01 ♥ restart }
school blue
{ Blue woke up back in Mayfield. It was a bit frustrating since she had only been home for about a week. But she's here again, waking up with her Pokemon's Pokeballs and her old clothes. Her regains. She'll be quick to change her clothes and get to the phone. }

{ A ♥ Phone }
Yoohoo~! ♥ Hi everyone~!  It's me, Blue~! Do you remember me? I had those amazing birdies that one time the Milkman and Mailman had an epic showdown!

And now I'm in a new house with  a new family. I went home for a bit and then just woke up here. Anyone know what's up? I'm so confused and scared!

{ B ♥ Action / High School }
{ She heads off to school without much thought. It hasn't been long since she was last in Mayfield so she already knows the drill. If she knew in Mayfield before and sees you in the halls then prepared to be assaulted as Blue practically throws herself at you. }
There you are~~~!!! Did you miss me, Sweetie~~?

{ C ♥ Action / Cafeteria }
{ Alternatively, once she gets to the cafeteria and sees the cafeteria food... She'll be sitting next to any boys who look like they have homemade lunches. }
Oh no~ I forgot to bring lunch moneyy... I'm so hungry! Whatever will I do?
school blue
[ phone ]
Hey hey, everyone~! Blue here~!

You know, it's been summer break for a pretty good long time! And it's been really great too~ But I'm getting sorta bored! And I think Ditty and Jiggly could use a bit of a work-out too. Would anyone here maybe~maybe like to spend some time with us this summer? For training or just hanging out--- whatever you want, okay? Just gimme a call~! Thaaaanks~.

[ action ]
[ Whether she gets a call or not, Blue is going to head to the park to train Jiggly and Ditty. They're doing a bunch of routines, but you might find them practicing particular attacks and strategies, such as
A - Jiggly singing, with Blue getting herself used to staying awake during her Pokemon's song
B - Ditty transforming, into anything from Mew to Pikachu and even a sword at one point.
C - Jiggly and Ditty fighting, with Ditty changing into various Pokemon throughout the fight and Blue monitoring and giving the occasional order.

And later, D - the three of them will sit on a bench in the park to eat some ice cream Blue bought, to get some rest after their training. ]
school blue
[ phone ]

It seems that things are back to "normal", huh? Well, at least as "normal" as it gets at Mayfield. I'm still confused about what happened... Did people really do all of those awful things? I mean, stealing for your own sake I can maybe understand in some situations, but... That was really going too far... People are just so complicated.

And does anyone know what happened to Red? He's become one of those stupid drones and they're really no fun! Think he'll be back to normal before the weekend? I wanted to try doing something together, but he'll be bad company as a drone.
school blue
[ Blue has been droned for a while. You might have noticed her weird self being a weird drone all over town. But, finally, she is snapping out of it today. This is her first time being droned, so she's a bit cofused ]
[ phone ]
Wh-whoa. I've heard of time flying, but where did the week go? I don't even remember turning in my homework on Monday. I don't really remember the weekend either...

Did something happen...?

... And did I miss prom? [ yes, she did. ]
school blue
[ phone ]
Heyyyyy everyone! Sorry for this sudden phonecall, you know? But I had a question~! Actually, two of them! Ready? Okay, here I go~!

This "Prom" thing! What exactly is that? I've never heard of it before, so I'm kinda curious! Everyone's making something of a fuss, it sounds like. Can someone explain it? 

Okay, that was question number one! Now question number two!
There was another big wave of newbies! So welcome to Mayfield and everything, but I was wondering~. How many of you sweeties have Pokemon? Or well~ "Had" Pokemon. Us Pokemon trainers ought to stick together, you know? So why not give me a little call if you've got Pokemon? We should meet!

Yeah, that's all I had to say! Thank you, okayyy? ♥
school blue
[ The Postman got her babies frozen, but hey, Blue can't complain. Outside of 1665 Nelson Street, you may find a girl in a black tube dress with three spray bottles in her hands. Just in case. There are three giant hunks of ice on the front lawn, but not for long. ]

Moltres. Fire Blast!

[ One of the hunks of ice glows red, then melts and breaks from the heat of a blast of fire. Moltres will spread its wings and prepare to take off, before Blue wags her finger and recalls it into her Pokeball. She will then go about freeing the other birds from their frozen cages, taking a moment to inspect them, and then having them go back in their Pokeballs to recover some stamina. ]

[ Phone ]
Oh, Hiccup~~~!!! I know you're busy with that macho forging thing, but I have a favor to ask~~. I'd love it if you stopped by 1665 Nelson Street. Providing, you are the Hiccup who has dragons back home, right? I hope you know how to ride them~! I sort of need you to give me a hand! Three is a handful on my own and they might get over excited~. They need someone with a firm voice to help keep an eye on them!

Ehehe. Oh, Red, Sweetie~~~!!! And I guess, that Ash boy, and all of you other Pokemon trainers too. I know they're rare, but don't go touching my birdies, okay~? ♥ [ Oh come on, pick up the phone, she wants to brag about this forever. ]

[ Action ]
[ Once again, on the lawn of 1665 Nelson Street, there are large Pokemon chillin. Or well, just one. The legendary birds do take commands, but it's easier to have one out at a time. At the moment, it's the legendary bird of fire, Moltres. ]
Just wait a little longer~ I promise it'll be worth it~! [ She leans against her Blastoise while hugging her Snubbull ] I'm sorry I didn't get you back sooner, everyone! You too, Moltres. I'm sorry to take you away from your well earned rest so soon, you big bird.
school blue
 [ Blue is interested in this highway thing. But she has no car. Which naturally means she must hitchhike. So, at a corner near a highway entrance, Blue is standing around with a piece of paper that reads "Give me a lift, please~? ♥" and waving cheerfully to anyone who drives by. She will continue to do this all day, even if someone has come to give her a ride and she's accepted; in order to collect useful data, she needs to make a few trips, right? ]

Heyyy~~~! Can anyone give a girl a lift? I promise to be the best passenger ever~~~. ♥ Come on, don't be shy!
school blue
[ So, lately Blue has been doing her part to adjust to Mayfield. It's not like adapting is hard for her and she's met a few nice people, and she's been doing her best to learn a bit about the hellhole she's trapped in. Unfornately, no one gave Blue the memo about droning and how it works. But she is about to find out. Because though she is usually above asking for help, there is one person for whom Blue will always make exceptions. And unknown to her, he's been perma-droned. ]

[ phone ]
Last week was a bit weird. I really didn't feel at my best, but I think I've recovered now. But does anyone know if the effects of that silly sickness are still around? Silver is acting really weird and I was wondering if anyone knew of a cure for it. I understand that some people here, umm, "drones", act as though they've lived here their whole lives, but someone I know hasn't been here forever has been acting like those drones for a while... [ her cheerful tone changes to sincere concern, though she tried to hide it. ] How long until he snaps out of it? I want to talk to him.
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